South African Wetlands and Conservation

The following article results from a two day workshop organised by the Gauteng Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development attended by different levels of government in South Africa, consultants, and green scorpions (environmental law enforcement agents) and which two of us from the Korsman Conservancy in Benoni, South Africa (SA) were fortunate to be able… Continue reading South African Wetlands and Conservation


South Africa Drought and Climate September 2017

The Western Cape continues to suffer an acute water shortage as rainfall sets record lows for recent years. The (regrettably poor screenprint) graph below shows a solid red line for 2017’s cumulative rainfall to 24 August which is now below any of the 40 earlier years’ lighter lines. The degree to which rainfall has fallen… Continue reading South Africa Drought and Climate September 2017

Southern Africa Drought, Dam Levels, Outlook August 2017

My 23 June blog on this topic emphasised that despite the decline in the El Niño there was little indication of a La Niña developing (except for the forecast of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California, San Diego). In its July update the International Research Institute for Climate and Society of… Continue reading Southern Africa Drought, Dam Levels, Outlook August 2017

Southern Africa Climate, Outlook and Dam Levels Update May 2017

The northern part of the region has moved into its dry season with a fairly sharp cutoff in our Gauteng province but with Free State dam levels looking good after above average summer rains. In the water short southern parts rains have not set in sufficiently to impact significantly on dam levels. Columbia University’s International… Continue reading Southern Africa Climate, Outlook and Dam Levels Update May 2017