South Africa Drought and Dam Levels December 2017

The drought in the Western Cape continues to be a concern. The graph below shows how until late July the cumulative totals for 2016 and 2017 were running very close together but thereafter the August rains of 2016 were not matched by any similar occurrence in 2017. This leaves the position at 11 December as… Continue reading South Africa Drought and Dam Levels December 2017


Tankwa National Park

This account is based on our two visits to the Tanqua Karoo (alternative spellings tend to be used), one in May 2016 and one May 2017. By going in May we avoided the hotter months of the year when temperatures around 40°C must be anticipated. The two visits offered contrasts in that the first was… Continue reading Tankwa National Park

South Africa Drought and Climate October 2017

The Western Cape water crisis continues unabated. The following graph indicates how this year’s rainfall (red line) is now trending well below that of 2016 (purple line), with 1994 (lowest feint blue line) being the only year where the plot approximates 2016 or 2017. This year’s line is now moving away from 1994’s cumulative rainfall… Continue reading South Africa Drought and Climate October 2017