Ion Engine in Ground Level Flight

Ion engines have been used in space for a long time as their low power is not a big issue when there is no air resistance and low acceleration almost irrelevant in the timescales involved.  It was thus a rather special recent event when, to little fanfare, an ion drive powered model aircraft built by… Continue reading Ion Engine in Ground Level Flight


Desalination for South Africa

The drought in the Western Cape has caused thought to be given to how the water supply can be increased. With available surface water being a finite resource there are basically only two possible solutions to effectively augmenting that supply, the repeated recycling of waste water or desalination. To these two can almost be added… Continue reading Desalination for South Africa

Smartphone Batteries Charging / Solar Charging

I thought the days of fully discharging batteries before recharging and worrying about memory effect were over with the advent of lithium-ion batteries. That is until I read a recent report on dispelling the notion that everything was now much simpler. The following summarises the views of some who could be seen as experts. Princeton… Continue reading Smartphone Batteries Charging / Solar Charging