First published 1 Dec 2015 More on SAA. In a recent newsletter I mentioned that certain people were having a Dudu while the chairperson was renegotiating leases/purchases. Then the 19 November Business Day reported SAA as saying that it was ‘implementing a policy to set aside 30% of its procurement for small and black business… Continue reading SAA#2


Jan Smuts

First published 1 Dec 2015 Jan Smuts. In another arena I commented on a new biography of Jan Smuts. I read recently that it was Smuts who inspired Nelson Mandela to enter politics (listening to him at a 1939 Fort Hare graduation ceremony as mentioned in A Long Walk to Freedom) and in turn it… Continue reading Jan Smuts


First published 19 Nov 2015 (With acknowledgements to Business Day). SAA, now under Treasury supervision, had a contract to lease five A330s from Airbus. CEO Dudu Myeni, solely off her own bat, tells Airbus this is to be renegotiated to a sale by Airbus to an unnamed third party, apparently with severe consequences for cashflow and… Continue reading SAA#1