Leicester City

First published 13 May 2016 It’s over 50 years since I lived in Leicester and only now have I found something to boast about. Alec Hogg sums it up well. “An even more astonishing longshot [than Donald Trump] arrived in the sporting world. At the beginning of the English soccer season bookmakers offered 5 000/1… Continue reading Leicester City



First published 1 Dec 2015 More on SAA. In a recent newsletter I mentioned that certain people were having a Dudu while the chairperson was renegotiating leases/purchases. Then the 19 November Business Day reported SAA as saying that it was ‘implementing a policy to set aside 30% of its procurement for small and black business… Continue reading SAA#2


First published 19 Nov 2015 The new court set up by the government specialising in cases where there is grossly insufficient evidence (in other words the majority of cases which come before the courts) has convicted two kangaroos of jumping bail.