Apple Tax Award

Could you turn down a €13 billion windfall? Ireland is looking to appeal this EU tax award relating to Apple, equivalent to 5% of its annual GDP with an eye to the long term damage it could do to its core business friendly low tax environment. Jacob Zuma has expressed some surprise at this development… Continue reading Apple Tax Award


Uber Options.

Decades ago in the UK my father calculated that all the travel they did in retirement would be cheaper if they used taxis. Obviously there are non-financial aspects such as convenience and time but overall it did seem workable even though he never adopted it. Now with Uber it is becoming even more realistic and… Continue reading Uber Options.

Savings, Interest Rates and Pensions.

Low interest rates in developed countries are becoming the new normal but pose problems. If traditional savings vehicles are offering close to zero rates for retirement monies or for pensioners then people look to more risky or volatile investments such as equities. Money going into equities keeps their prices historically high and lowers dividend yields.… Continue reading Savings, Interest Rates and Pensions.