Carbon Sequestration

In earlier blogs I have expressed belief in global warming caused or accelerated by CO2 emissions and grave doubts about the sufficiency of the savings from the Paris accord. The only possible solution to this dilemma is carbon sequestration, or negative emission technologies (NETs) as we seem obliged to call it now. Despite some commentators… Continue reading Carbon Sequestration


Peatland Preservation

Minimising global warming has tended to concentrate on reducing net CO2 emissions by minimising the burning of fossil fuels and emphasising sustainable forestry practices. In comparison how often do we hear of the need to preserve the peatlands (bogs, swamps and mires) which contain as much as twice the carbon as the world’s forests and… Continue reading Peatland Preservation

Western Cape Drought, Southern Africa Dam Levels January 2018

I have been blogging repeatedly about the Western Cape drought because the crisis has been long looming. Attention is now concentrated on drawing up the plans for when the taps run dry. This article looks at the position of the Southern Africa dams and then at the Western Cape premier's comments on the situation. plus… Continue reading Western Cape Drought, Southern Africa Dam Levels January 2018

El Niño, La Niña and Climate Change December 2017

The latest forecast from The International Research Institute (IRI) for Climate and Society at Columbia University’s Earth Institute is initially startling compared to the one from two months ago in that it applies a 98% probability to an ongoing La Niña situation for the Nov-Dec-Jan period, with a neutral situation only becoming the most likely situation… Continue reading El Niño, La Niña and Climate Change December 2017