Renewable Energy

I see that at one time on 7 October 2015 Denmark was generating 140% of its local electricity demand from wind turbines enabling it to export to neighbouring countries. The country has a population of only 5.6 million, but a long coastline suitable for offshore generation. The rated capacity of its wind turbines was only 4.8… Continue reading Renewable Energy


Southern Africa Drought #3

As the Pacific sea surface temperature anomaly weakened from its strong positive number scientists became less confident about future trends with forecasts subject to more than the normal variation month to month. On 8 December the International Research Institute for Climate and Society at Columbia University’s Earth institute (IRI) reported that the anomaly was -0.5°C,… Continue reading Southern Africa Drought #3

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

First published 13 Dec 2015 Your correspondent is only too well aware that he is likely to have missed many of the implications of this agreement on first reading but nevertheless lists some points which struck him: Some countries have not yet provided their ‘contributions’ (measures/savings). The intended nationally determined contributions lodged by October 2015… Continue reading UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.