The Response to the Cape Drought

Despite the seriousness of the drought the response of the authorities is lackluster. Aggravating this is that those measures which are being proposed are moving only slowly through the required processes in the absence of a declaration of a state of emergency which enables measures to be fast tracked. ‘Day Zero’, when phase three rationing… Continue reading The Response to the Cape Drought


South Africa Drought and Climate October 2017

The Western Cape water crisis continues unabated. The following graph indicates how this year’s rainfall (red line) is now trending well below that of 2016 (purple line), with 1994 (lowest feint blue line) being the only year where the plot approximates 2016 or 2017. This year’s line is now moving away from 1994’s cumulative rainfall… Continue reading South Africa Drought and Climate October 2017

Southern Africa Drought, Dam Levels, Outlook August 2017

My 23 June blog on this topic emphasised that despite the decline in the El Niño there was little indication of a La Niña developing (except for the forecast of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography of the University of California, San Diego). In its July update the International Research Institute for Climate and Society of… Continue reading Southern Africa Drought, Dam Levels, Outlook August 2017