Global Warming State of Play

CO2 emissions increased by 1.6% in 2017 according to BP, with increases in both developed and under-developed countries. Notable increases were 13% in Turkey, 4.4% in India and 1.6% in China. In a disappointing reversal the consumption of coal increased, just as oil and gas continued to do despite the increase in renewables, as per the… Continue reading Global Warming State of Play


Highveld Rainy Season Variability

In Highveld Rainy Season Onset I looked at the trend of this onset (measured in terms of number of days required for cumulative rainfall to reach 100mm from the 1 July) over the last 40 years or so for this particular Highveld location. To repeat the relevant chart: The eye can fairly readily spot a trend… Continue reading Highveld Rainy Season Variability