Brexit and South Africa

In the light of South Africa’s new republic status I thought that we could enter into a trade agreement with UK for the export of bananas but do we have to wait two years before UK law will allow SA shaped ones to be allowed in?

Britain’s looming exit from the EU and presumably from the European Medicines Agency has prompted the SA Traditional Healers Association to actively promote its wares on a road show in the UK, this naturally being by way of donkey cart. A range of muti (from the Zulu umuthi meaning tree but used to cover all sorts of traditional medicines) is being promoted. Popular currently are politician bones which come with a felt pen. Names of MPs are written on the bones which are then thrown to see for example who should succeed Phillip Hammond.

If any indication were needed of EU influence on UK law then surely the fact that 52,741 laws have been introduced as a result of EU legislation since 1990 must make it clear. [Thomson Reuters] A delegation from Britain to South Africa is already gaining insights into how replacement laws can be quickly made on the fly without regard to the consequences and even avoiding prosecution.

© J R B Livesey 2017


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