SA Retail Bonds.

As an update on this topic the five year rate has now been increased from 8.75 to 9.00%. The following chart, courtesy Sharenet, shows how muted the market reaction was to the latest developments compared to Nenegate in December, whereas the this time round the outlook is arguably worse – it has arisen despite the lessons of the last debacle, with presumably premeditated results, and the approach now seems more blatant and far reaching as though it is realised that time is limited. The ratings agencies were amazingly patient last time round. Surely they can’t be next time.

To commemorate this, News and Views can exclusively reveal that Zuma will be combining with Miley Cyrus to remake the wrecking ball video. In this version Zuma will appear with an additional ball and chain attaching his leg to a Gupta juggernaut. Miley’s publicist, Meghan Prophet, has confirmed this, saying that the walls in the original video were a replica of the SA Reserve Bank vault walls with this in mind.

Bond rates 3.9.16



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