Google street view trekker.


If you thought Google street view was impressive then you must try the Google street view trekker. To date 33 trails across the Cape peninsula have been covered by 22 volunteers. The picture below is from the top of Chapmans Peak. Even though there are 15 separate cameras the pack weighs just 18kgs which was the standard weight for the five day backpacks some of us in the Johannesburg Hiking Club used to haul up the Drakensberg. Of course once you got up there with the cameras you might need food and shelter. So far it looks as though they have done very short and easy walks (only 150km total) but where it involves more strenuous rock scrambling etc one can imagine the load distribution aspect could be an issue. One of my more spectacular falls was running down Chapmans Peak and because my sweatband was dragged over my eyes as my head hit the dirt I thought I had been blinded – thankfully it wasn’t recorded with 15 cameras. Don’t worry either if you are walking in the opposite direction looking knackered – Google are applying their automatic face­ and license plate­-blurring technology. This follows Google’s imagery captured from camels, snowmobiles, trolleys, and underwater cameras. To date they have spanned altitudes from -1,000m to +5,364m – one is tempted to guess where the latter was – a little lower than Kilimanjaro or Mt Elbrus and considerably lower than Aconcagua or Mt Mckinley (apparently now officially known by the indigenous name Denali). (CapeNature, Google, Wikipedia)



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