I’ve always been sceptical of guys like Albert Einstein who come up with off the cuff simplistic theories and formulas. I mean E=mc2. What sort of formula is that. No wonder he couldn’t pass the university entrance exam.  My favourite Einstein story, because I had to use it daily in my previous life, was that when asked for his phone number he had to go and look it up in a book. When then asked how it was possible the great mathematician needed to do that he replied that he made no effort to remember any number he could just look up. However I believe that he just wasn’t good with large numbers. I mean who else would need to say that 9 trillion km is one light year – obviously someone who can’t handle large numbers. Similarly c is a constant so c2 is also a constant, the point being that he struggled with squaring the speed of light (in metres/second). Why has it been said the universe started off as a singularity – because it just represented one little bit of something rather than a large number of bits and pieces that astrophysicists can’t handle. Thus when astrophysics is too simple become a Queen band member as it is intellectually more rigorous. This light year nonsense is equivalent to Warren Buffet arranging a 200,000:1 share split on Berkshire Hathaway to bring them down to a dollar or so a share, and he’s one of the world’s richest men whereas Einstein couldn’t even afford to have his hair cut as he got older.  However I digress. I believe rather in the continuous creation of matter and for that a compost heap is ideal. Every time compost is sifted a large number of stones appear in what I call the siftate. As these stones weren’t in the soil and vegetable matter put in there you can draw your own conclusions. I’m not saying this is unique – it happens anytime one takes a home gadget apart to fix it; after reassembling there is always a part left that is clearly not needed. However in order that there would not be a conflict with my steady state theory of the universe there must be a mechanism for destroying matter to allow continuous rejuvenation. An example is again readily found in the garden. Buy a plant at the nursery in a 5 litre bag, dig a hole for it, include some bone meal and compost, place the plant in the hole and fill round the sides with earth earlier taken out. Is there any soil left? No. Obviously matter has been destroyed in the process. For this phenomenon I coined the term ‘black hole’. Others have now used the term for less proven theories but this is little more than piggybacking on my theories (or laws as I prefer to call them).


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