Highveld Rainy Season Shift

In earlier blogs I have looked at the later onset of rains in the Highveld summer and subsequently at the trend to the rains ending a little later. The graph below pulls this together by comparing average monthly rainfall from 1977 to 1996 with that for 1997 to 2018. This illustrates the later shift of… Continue reading Highveld Rainy Season Shift


Shipping Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Possible Solutions

About 90% of international trade in goods is via shipping, involving over 100,000 commercial ships. The propulsion units rank among the world's most powerful machines (the Wartsila Sulzer RT-Flex 96 C has an output of approximately 80,000 KW or 108,900 BHP) yet few alternatives to fossil fuel burning have been widely introduced. On top of… Continue reading Shipping Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Possible Solutions

Countries’ Progress on Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Climate Action Tracker (CAT) produces summaries for various countries on their progress and commitments on limiting greenhouse gas emissions and is the product of three research organisations - Climate Analytics, NewClimate Institute and Ecofys. For this blog I have chosen my own South Africa as an example but other similar summaries are available for other… Continue reading Countries’ Progress on Limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions