Western Cape Drought Eases

The drought situation has eased greatly over the last three weeks although restoring ground water and dam levels is inevitably a long process after such a prolonged drought. The following table illustrates the three week  improvement and, even more significantly, the favourable comparison with last year. Figure 1. Dam Levels in the Western Cape as… Continue reading Western Cape Drought Eases


Desalination for South Africa

The drought in the Western Cape has caused thought to be given to how the water supply can be increased. With available surface water being a finite resource there are basically only two possible solutions to effectively augmenting that supply, the repeated recycling of waste water or desalination. To these two can almost be added… Continue reading Desalination for South Africa

Global Climate Watch / Methodology May 2018

The plume of predictions in the chart below, produced by the International Research Institute (IRI) for Climate and Society of Columbia University's Earth Institute in New York, indicates an actual starting point for the sea surface temperature (SST) anomaly in the tropical Pacific Niño 3.4block just within the neutral band of normal ±0.5°C, indicating neither an El… Continue reading Global Climate Watch / Methodology May 2018