Paris Agreement – Potential Global Emission Gaps – April 2021 Update

In November 2018 I published a blog which contained the Figure 1, below. This blog is still frequently accessed, hence the current update. I include the diagram from the previous blog because it is instructive to compare this with the most recent one as providing some indication of progress, or lack thereof, between then and… Continue reading Paris Agreement – Potential Global Emission Gaps – April 2021 Update

COP26 Dairy Part 7

This post covers some of the more significant news items in the lead up to COP26 in Glasgow this year. The Green Climate Fund. A number of people, both insiders and others have warned against channeling climate finance via this fund for a number of reasons, including: a lack of integrity in vetting projects;a hostile… Continue reading COP26 Dairy Part 7

South African Highveld 2020 Weather, Eight Year Trend and Descriptive Methodology

One of the problems in displaying various sets of data on one chart can be the different units involved in each one. For example in weather recordings, to mention just a few, it could be temperature in degrees, relative humidity as a percent, atmospheric pressure as inches of mercury or millibars, vapour pressure deficit as… Continue reading South African Highveld 2020 Weather, Eight Year Trend and Descriptive Methodology

Seasonal Climate Forecast November 2020

Sea surface temperatures (SSTs) in the central Pacific are around 1°C below average, indicative of La Niña conditions which are expected to persist through the southern hemisphere summer. Averages of predictions from various international bodies for SST anomalies in El Niño Southern Oscillation Pacific region 3.4 in Figure 1 show an initial decline to 1.5°C… Continue reading Seasonal Climate Forecast November 2020